Winery – Wine-Making in Colorado

Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado

A winemakers account of making wine in the Colorado Rockies.
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Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado
Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado
Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado
Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado
Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado

Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado

Winery - Wine-Making In Colorado

25 thoughts on “Winery – Wine-Making in Colorado

  1. Makes me want to sit down with good friends and drink quality, high
    altitude wine. Can’t wait!

  2. Excellent video, good examples and well explained. Very interesting. Thanks
    for uploading and looking forward for the next video. Cheers

  3. using ice to cool down the mash..never heard of that for home made wine..
    Ive had problems with my blackberry wine burning out in 3 days and tasteing
    like crap.. next time I try making some I will use ice to slow down the

  4. i am sitting here drinking a bottle of white zinfandel made by gallo that
    was 4$ and i wanted to make my own apple wine . how much is their wine?

  5. Since you are speaking with a lab technician, I would think you might want
    to ask more ?’s on the science side of making wine. Some I might suggest:
    What are the different kinds of acid that you need to consider when making
    wine? How do you measure these acids and what levels make for the best
    wine? What can spoil wine and how can you prevent or detect this? How does
    ph tie into wine making? Are there different results for white wine verses
    red wine?

  6. Are you giving your yeast nutrients? If you mean your fermentation is
    burning out in 3 days..could be stuck as well as a list of other things.
    Temprature is important…but all wine tastes like crap for several weeks
    to months.

  7. Great video, if you ever run out of friends call meeeeeeee………I want
    to help. 🙂

  8. There are a couple people making decent rieslings. Most growers are growing
    varietys that should not be grown in colorado, ie, pinot noir. Cold winter
    temps, uneven rippening, short, unpredictable fall temps ect. Again, there
    are some great rieslings with great acidity, but tend to be overpriced when
    compared to the competition in oregon and washington.

  9. Are you a little concerned about watering down the wine with the ice? Try
    dry ice, its extremely cold and just evaporates as nitrogen gas rather than
    leaving you with extra water. Very nice work though, I am jealous.

  10. interesting…I never heard of wine coming from colorado…it must be tough
    to reach the right brix level because the wether there is pretty cold to
    make wine…

  11. This video makes me want to visit agane. The wine was so very
    scrumtralecent (yes that is not a real word but it means really really

  12. PART 1: Hello, I am a new alcohol brewer and I have a few question and I
    would like an experts opinion. I have just started my journey of knowing
    different wines and different tastes I know that the wine efficient autos
    are very strict with the do’s and don’t’s of making, drinking and storing
    wine. I understand all of this. What my question is, is I want to make wine
    out of regular pure grape juice ( I know these aren’t the correct grapes,
    but I’m starting off with what I have. . .

  13. Winemaking is fun, Glad to see you made a video with great art to it. Nice
    job. It was interesting and colorful.

  14. PART 2: So I’m using grape juice, regular bakers yeast (I know, I know. .
    .) and I also have mesquite wood chips. I know mesquite isn’t what is used
    in making wine but I like I said I’m using what I have available. This is
    more of an experiment, the reason I’m doing it with this to start with is I
    want to know why people use what they use. I want to know good wine from
    bad wine. With that said I also want a the best product with what I’m
    using. Please give tips, advise and wisdom. Thank you.

  15. Tom (Jon’s dad) is a cool dude if you have not met him head out to the
    winery and make a special request to see the man.

  16. It dosent say they the grapes are from Colorado, they look really good and
    at 25 brix Id bet theyre not. Theres nothing wrong with how hes making the
    wine, the fruit looked good so whos to say its not good wine?

  17. not only did i enjoy the video, but have recently visited the winery
    itself! Great Work…you too Robin!

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