Wine making – Bottling

Wine Making - Bottling

Wine making – Bottling

Have you ever wondered about home wine making? This series of videos from will teach you everything you ever wanted to know.

Wine Making - Bottling
Wine Making - Bottling
Wine Making - Bottling
Wine Making - Bottling
Wine Making - Bottling

Wine Making - Bottling

Wine Making - Bottling

15 thoughts on “Wine making – Bottling

  1. Yes, you will get sediment during fermentation. You slowly get rid of the
    sediment when you rack. Depending on the source of the wine, i.e., fruit or
    juice, you may have to rack more to remove the sediment.

  2. A really, really nice series on how to make wines. However, I wish you
    would have stuck with one type of wine from start to finish. You started
    with white, went to red, added grapes, went back to the red without the
    grapes and so on. I was getting a little confused and I never had a drink.
    Please, please, I’m only commenting in hopes to help make something great
    even better. Thanks again for your time and expertise.

  3. @5eriyvolk I drink my wine un-filtered, though when I drink it I seem to
    get puffy eyes in the mornings after a few glasses. Not sure if I am
    allergic to this particular batch? not sure, but it sure tastes nice and
    has a wicked punch to it.. Been wine making since last year, hence my
    “beginners” question that you responded to. Getting better at it now I
    guess :o)

  4. Great videos, good to hear you’re looking to update them using a single
    kit. Just started making wine at home and seeing each step is a real
    confidence booster.

  5. The fining agents used are both minimal and not harmful to the body.

  6. Filtering is completely optional as it is done to polish the wine. A lot of
    wine makers think that filtering is don to remove sediment, but that is not
    correct. Racking the wine removes the sediment. Yes, you can drink an
    unfiltered wines. In fact, there are commercial wines that advertise that
    their wine is unfiltered.

  7. Sorry for the confusion. Right after I made the videos, the manufacturers
    decided to change the instructions. In my rush to get the videos updated, I
    was unable to stay with the same wine. We are working on updating them this
    summere and will try to stick with the same wine throughout. Thanks for the
    kind works about the videos.

  8. When you add the clearing gels – do they sit well in the human body.. I
    mean safely ofcourse.. can they be avoided in other ways?

  9. Do you need to use the potassium metabisulfite bath on the bottles and
    corks or would star san work as well?

  10. nice, but you missed the filter stage! Why do you filter? and.. can you
    still drink your wine without having used a filter?

  11. do you get sediment at the bottom of your fermentation jub? or at what
    point did you remove the sediment

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