Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection

Short Term

Storing wine that you will consume within 4-6 months still requires you to duplicate the same conditions that are required for long term storage. However, in some cases it might just be that storing your wine in a box in a coat closet is a satisfactory short term solution.

Short term wines will include the bottles that you just brought home from the store to be consumed or bottles that have been pulled from storage and you want them to be ready for consumption in the next few months.

Short term wine storage requires you to make sure that:

? The wine is kept in a location with stable (lower) temperature (what temp?)

? The area is free from vibration (keeping away from a TV on your countertop, microwave, or electric can openers)

? The cork stays moist (how do you make sure this happens?)

? You keep the bottles out of direct sunlight

? The location is not a storage area that has a strong odor (do not use the pantry)

If you have a wine rack that you keep in your kitchen on top of a cupboard or above the refrigerator it is best to move it to another location. Typically we find that this is not the ideal space due to the constant opening and shutting of cabinets, the use of the refrigerator door giving contact temperature shifts as well as the vibration of the motor. .


For long term storage it is critical to have an appropriate storage location to preserve your investment. This location should be kept at a low stable temperature, free of vibration, high humidity and dark.

Most homes maintain a temperature of around 70° F with 20-30% humidity levels. It is recommended for ideal wine storage that the conditions are 55° to 58° F and about 55-75% humidity or higher. The high humidity is important because it keeps the corks from drying out and will minimize the possibility of evaporation. The only problem you may experience with higher levels of humidity is that it may produce mold on the wine labels or even loosen the labels if the label was applied to the bottle with water soluble glue.

Keep in mind that temperatures lower than 55 degrees will slow down the aging of the wines. A consistent temperature is imperative as spoilage can occur if an area has temperatures that fluctuate.

As stated earlier wine bottles are best preserved if stored in a dark area. Wine distributors today have been making bottles with ultraviolet filters built into the glass that help protect the contents from typical effects of UV rays. However, because you are storing wine long term you can?t be sure it will not have light exposure which could result in the wine tasting or smelling like cardboard. This is especially noticeable in delicate white wines and sparkling wines.

If you are building a cellar in your home basement make sure it is stored away from anything with a vibration. Sump pumps, heaters, motors or generators should be avoided since the vibrations they cause are thought to negatively affect the evolution of the wines. One additional factor to avoid is storing other items with very strong odors near the wine. It is possible that the wine can pick up the aromas of other items stored nearby.

If you do not have a suitable wine cellar, there are many types of modular wine racks and wine refrigerators that are affordable and an excellent alternative to a robust wine cellar. There are kits available that will convert regular refrigerators into suitable wine storage units.

Rebecca Lottridge is an enthusiastic oenophile and avid wine collector. Becky started to bring unique and affordable wine storage solutions to wine lovers everywhere and enjoys blogging about all things wine related. If you have additional storage questions, you can always contact Beck directly at


Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection
Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection
Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection
Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection
Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection

Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection

Wine Storage Techniques To Preserve Your Wine Collection