Wine Aerators and How They Work

Most people who enjoy wine know that it isn’t the best to just pour wine into a glass and drink it, but wonder what are wine aerators and how they work. Wine clearly tastes better when you give it an opportunity to “breathe”, especially red wines. Most people who claim that they do not like red wine enjoy it much more when it has been put through a wine aerator. A wine aerator allows the flavor of the wine to properly breathe and develop, which brings the delicate details of the wine you are drinking to the forefront.

Some people are afraid of using an aerator because they worry the actual flavor of the wine can escape, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The wine flavors need to interact with oxygen to develop properly, causing a smoother finish and for the drinker to experience flavors that may have been missed by the harshness of drinking it right from the bottle to the glass.

Wine aerators allow air to interact with wine, particularly red wines. Wine aerators are very easy to use and are a great gadget to have in your kitchen. Whether you’ve purchased an expensive wine or one that leaves something to be desired, a wine aerator can cause the wine to taste much better and leave your guests enjoying their beverage instead of being shocked by the harsh first few tastes.

Wine aerators introduce air into the wine by expanding the surface of the liquid. The air is forced through the wine through tiny bubbles, and allows the wine aromas and flavors to come forth. Aerators are simple to use and work quickly and effectively, typically in just a matter of minutes. A wine aerator can be held above the wine glass when you are pouring the wine through the aerator. While the wine is travelling through the gadget, air bubbles go through all of the wine and are equally distributed to treat the wine evenly

A wine aerator can be a great housewarming gift, or a terrific gift for a wine enthusiast who doesn’t already have one. Although wine can aerate on its own if you allow it to sit in a decanter for several hours, most wine connoisseurs prefer an aerator because it takes the time from several hours down to several minutes. You can purchase wine aerators at most liquor or wine stores, and at a variety of stores that sell home gadgets and kitchen appliances. Some aerators have several tiers to allow the wine to travel through a series of levels to get extra oxygen into the wine. Some, more fancy aerators are electric and can be inserted into the wine bottle itself to aerate the wine while it is still in the glass container.

Using a wine aerator is a great idea if you are having guests over who may be more affluent in wine tasting than you. A wine aerator is a very simple tool to use to make sure you are getting your moneys worth from your wine purchase. They are relatively inexpensive and will allow you to experience new flavors in almost any wine, making wine aerators and how they work simple for even a new wine drinker.
Finally, one site for you to get all the information you need about wine aerators and how one complete breathing system can completely change the way you enjoy a glass of wine.

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Wine Aerators And How They Work
Wine Aerators And How They Work

Wine Aerators And How They Work

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