What is a good inexpensive sweet wine?

Question by Cure for your blonde addiction: What is a good inexpensive sweet wine?
I HATE dry wines and am looking for one that is sweet and good for a couple glasses with dinner or just a kick back night. I have yet to find one I really like. I like the Sangrias but I need more variety.

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Answer by lapianoman
Lambrusco. It’s cheap, sweet & lightly carbonated.

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What Is A Good Inexpensive Sweet Wine?
What Is A Good Inexpensive Sweet Wine?
What Is A Good Inexpensive Sweet Wine?

What Is A Good Inexpensive Sweet Wine?

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  1. You might like a Riesling (Reez-ling) or a Gewurtztraminer (Geh-vertz-tra-meener). They are both from white wines usually from Germany. It is easy to find an affordable one. Hope you like!

  2. Gewurztraminer is a good one. Fetzer makes one that it’s too expensive, about $ 10.00 a bottle.

  3. Boones farm! Runs about $ 3 a bottle and is very sweet and “does the trick” They have strawberry white zin, that’s my favorite.

  4. Spatlese Reisling (i dont know if i’ve spelled that correctly!). It’s like $ 5 a bottle in my area and it’s so good!
    Vine Rose by Ernst and Julio Gallo is great too. $ 10 for a big jug!

  5. Taylor “Lake Country Red” is a New York State wine. It’s good, but it’s a little too sweet for me. Also, “Lambrusco”, an italian wine.

  6. Try the new Zinfidel with different fruits. I love the peach one and their is nothing like sangria. I make homemade sangria and add fruit to the pitcher. nice dessert at the end of the night.

  7. Try whiteport wine I forget the brandname but it’s the real cheap stuff, about 3 dollar’s for a quart, It come’s in quart’s and gallon’s. and it come’s in a green bottle. the flavor is kind of fruity and it’s a sweet wine
    try it on the rock’s or chilled.

  8. Sweet wine questions are asked on answers numerous times a day. You might want to use the search box and look for “sweet wines” to get some additional recommendations.

    The sweetest wines are dessert wines. These will be ice wines, late harvest wines, and ports. These are typically easy to find in any supermarket wine section or liquor store. They range from being disgustingly sweet to being fabulously citrusy or vanilla-y with a hint of sweet.

    From there, white wines that are sweet include a non-dry Reisling, Viognier, Muscat, and Gewurtztraminer. For these, the cheaper the wine, the sweeter it will usually be. Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Fume Blanc, and similar whites are not typically sugary sweet.

    Frequently, beginners confuse “sweet” with fruity or “not dry”. Red wines are not traditionally sweet unless they are the cheap wines with flavours added. You can find non-dry red wines that have fruity undertones, like Zinfandel and Shiraz/Syrah. These will frequently have a flavours of plum, cherry, black currant, and rich dark fruits. Steer clear of inexpensive cabs.

    Some to try:

    Maryhill Viognier
    Maryhill Gewurtz
    Fetzer Gewurtz
    Allegro Muscat (in a cool tall bottle)
    Sineann late harvest Zin
    Reuscher Haart Reisling
    Six Prong Red
    Cycles Gladiator Syrah

    The next best thing to do is to start attending tastings. Most wine shops have them, so start going. Write down wines that you like and what you like about them. Also, do the converse. If one tastes like dirt, write down that’s why you don’t like it. Don’t get hyperbolic and write things like “it tastes like gasoline” or simply “it sucks” as you’ll never be able to pinpoint what it is that you are disliking. Once you have your list, talk to the shop person about it. Have them help you pick something out that has the traits that you like while avoiding the traits that you don’t.

    Good luck and have fun!

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