What is a Dry White Wine?


What is a Dry White Wine?

If you are wondering what a dry white wine is, it’s basically a white wine with less sugar in it.  This means that you’ll get a taste that has very little sweetness to it since most of the natural sugar in the wine has been consumed during the fermentation process.  You’ll also notice a higher than average alcohol content as opposed to sweet or fruity white wines since the sugar consumed are converted into alcohol during the process.

Dry white wines are usually those wines that have less residual sugar to them or a higher acidity value.  A very interesting thing about wine is that there are those wines that taste a lot sweeter than over ones even though they have less residual sugar in them.  The level of acidity the wine suppresses the sweetness the wine gives out so a white wine with 15% residual sugar with high acidity can taste less sweet than a wine with 8% sugar to it.  Dry white wine is definitely a nice addition to your cooking whenever it calls for something crisp with it.

The Common Dry White Wines

If ever you’re looking for some neat dry wines to use on your cooking, remember that using cooking wine isn’t at all advisable since it will give the end product a very inferior taste.  You should never use undrinkable wine on your cooking if you really want the best out of your cooking experience.  There are several dry white wines for you to choose from and each of them has their own characteristics and flavors.  If ever you’re looking for something that has a crisp, yet citrus flavor, you’d best go for Sauvignon Blanc.  It has a bright acidity to it and you’ll be able to recognize traces of fruit, herbs, and minerals as well.

Medium Dry White Wine

Of course, aside from the already mentioned dry white wine, there is also the medium dry white wine where you’ll get only a bit of residual sugar in the mix.  A medium dry white wine is definitely a good substitute for the totally dry white wine if you’re looking for something less complex.  A very good example would be Riesling, although there are Rieslings that have a good deal of sweetness to them.  Riesling is taken from the noblest of grapes and turned into a very light and medium bodied product.  Another great medium dry wine would be of course Pinot Gris.  Pinot Gris is usually simple and light.  You’ll get a crisp feeling from it and it surely goes well with the simple foods.  Another medium dry white wine to note is the Gewurztraminer.  The grapes are grown in places with cooler climates and the result is a medium dry white wine that has a unique golden taint to it with a very recognizable aroma.  You’ll also notice traces of fruity flavors and spices to its taste as well.

Also, don’t forget that champagne is also a type of dry white wine and it’s a great if paired with the right types of food such as seafood and cheese dishes.  You’d want to take note of the categories that determine the champagne’s level of sweetness, the sweetest being Doux with 5% or more residual sugar and the driest being Extra Brut with very little traces of sugar and it can go as low as 0.6%.

There are also other types of dry white wines around and looking for the perfect one that would fit your needs isn’t going to be that hard once you’ve understood the basics of dry white wine.  Now that you know what a dry white wine is, you’ll be able to try them out for your cooking and drinking as well.

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