Wine Glasses

To really enjoy wine you have to know the ins and outs of wine glasses. The correct stemware will allow a wine the right amount of air, will allow you to see…
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Basics of Wine Selection : Types of Wine Glasses

How to know what makes the best wine glass; learn about the wide diversity of wine in this free instructional video. Expert: Amanda Presico Bio: Tish Cooper …
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine Glasses

A Brief History of the Wine Glass

Wine glasses have been used since ancient times.

Pliny (23-79 A.D.) wrote about gold and silver drinking vessels being abandoned in favor of glass, and they were frequently priced as high as the precious metal versions. Bonifacio Veronese’s sixteenth-century ‘Last Supper’ includes modern style wine glasses with a stem and foot. Continue reading


The Value of Appropriate Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Wine is one of the most cherished beverages in the planet, revenue of wine are raising steadily each yr, and it is genuinely no wonder why. Not only is there a excellent value to picking the appropriate wine specifically to pair with a meal but as well people today will need to make positive that they have the appropriate hand painted wine glasses. There are a couple of diverse characteristics of hand painted wine glasses that will need to be regarded as right here to make the appropriate selection to make sure maximum satisfaction. Initial get a seem very good at what the hand painted wine glasses are manufactured of. It really should often be a clear materials. The finest content tends to be colored or frosted glass just not so frosted that you can’t see by way of the wine glasses. Continue reading