California Wine Legends in the Making

California Wine Legends in the Making

California Wine Legends in the Making – Bon Appétit Mon, 18 Nov 2013 17:38:29 GMT

These six vineyards are the future legends of California wine makers.

Napa Valley, and California wine country in general, was truly the Wild West when Robert Mondavi Winery opened in the late ‘60s. His father, Cesare, had made his mark shipping grapes to home winemakers during Prohibition, and Robert authored the next chapter: rediscovering the winemaking potential that Prohibition had destroyed.

The ensuing decades were a gilded age, particularly the ’80s and ’90s, which saw the construction of many lavish estates and cultish, expensive wines. What’s exciting about California wine now is the opposite approach: Vintners, many of them priced out of the land market, are channeling their ’60s predecessors in doing whatever it takes to make great wine—leasing vineyards and facilities, seeking out lesser-known (and lower-priced) grapes and regions, and generally creating a more dynamic, affordable, approachable breed of California wine. Here are some favorites, all of them legacies in the making:

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