Oz & James’s Big Wine Adventure – Napa Valley [1 of 2]


Oz & James’s Big Wine Adventure – Napa Valley [1 of 2]

Oz & James’s Big Wine Adventure Series 2 episode 8 Napa Valley, California, USA Cult and blended wines Clarke and May travel through California sampling loca…
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25 thoughts on “Oz & James’s Big Wine Adventure – Napa Valley [1 of 2]

  1. Getting paid to drive around California in a convertible Mustang to sample
    the wines from various vineyards…….I can’t possibly be more jealous.

  2. In case anyone’s interested, Opus One really is quite good… …but for my
    money I would still rather go with a Jordan cabernet from the Alexander
    Valley in Sonoma. Better wine for 1/5h the price (though it’s still not
    cheap, at about $45 a bottle for a five year old cab).

  3. Hey it’s the duet “Sull’ aria”, from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro (The
    Marriage of Figaro). It was used in the Shawshank Redemption. 🙂

  4. Anyone else get the feeling that at 13:07 that we can’t take him seriously
    or ignore the fact or anything that he’s wearing a pink shirt? Because I

  5. @xMsAleshax it is Clair de lune by Debussy. this version is on harp i think
    but the original (or at least most famous one) is played on piano

  6. @aus2045 No Zin in Aus!?!?! Thats a damn shame. We have plenty of your
    excellent wines, shame that you guys don’t get our most major contribution.

  7. Best Ever bit in the episode! 07:00 – May laughing at Oz saying “I’ve only
    got half of you in it!” Brilliant, nearly wet myself or something because
    of it, hee hee hee hee(!)

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