Join the Wine Auction Revolution

Join The Wine Auction Revolution

by: James Mitchell

As the economic climate continues to turn us all into price conscious bargain hunters, everything from our must have household items to treat-yourself-luxuries are increasingly being sought at the lowest price available.

At all levels, consumer purchases are being influenced by money-saving options, be it using cost cutting vouchers to comparison web sites. Everything from meals out to financial services must are being researched for the most competitive and cost effective prices.

For centuries the power of bidding for a bargain via an adrenalin fuelled auction, be it in a traditional auction room, or through the power of online bidding, has been a popular medium for those price savvy consumers among us.

Now the power of this money saving method has been harnessed by a whole host of retailers including providers of our favourite tipples, with wine auctions beginning to revolutionise the way wine lovers buy a treat for their taste buds.

The David Dickinsons of the wine industry have added an extra element of enjoyment to the way consumers can now buy wine, and whilst the principles of going home with a valued bottle are the same as when leaving the supermarket, the enjoyment of bidding at a wine auction far outweighs painstaking task of scanning the supermarket shelves.

For the bidders, taking part in a wine auction can give you twice the chance of finding that special bottle, providing access to not only some incredibly price effective deals, but also to a number of amazing wines produced from a whole host of suppliers around the world, which may otherwise be unavailable or far too pricey for your pockets.

Most wine auction web sites are feature-rich and incredibly easy to navigate, with in-depth details on the wine on offer as well as superb search functions that let customers search for exactly the variety and type of wine they are looking for. Many wine auction web sites also offer mock online auctions for practise, whilst also giving a variety of bidding and payment options, including the use of gift vouchers meaning you can put someone else?s hard earned cash to good use.

What?s more, many feature appraisals and discussion forums so consumers can be sure that when the hammer hits, they have bagged themselves a real taste sensation. And with the added benefits of next day delivery, you will not be waiting weeks to taste you bargain price buy.

For sellers, wine auctions enable smaller producers to bring fine, rare and collectable wines directly to consumers, and compete with the larger wine merchants who, with their big budgets, frequently dominate the supermarket shelves with cut price wine offers.

To take part in a wine auction you generally need to follow just a few simple steps:

1) Register so you are eligible to bid on the chosen wine auction web site

2) Search for and browse through the auction cases on offer and decide how much you are prepared to pay

3) Then simply place your bid!

Top Tips for bagging the best bargains from a wine auction

1) Always review lot images and descriptions carefully before making a bid.

2) Get your initial bids in early, the myth of waiting till the last minute is not always the best way to eliminate the competition.

3) Check your emails throughout the auction to see if you’ve been outbid

5) Always make sure you are familiar with the wine auction terms and conditions of sale

Naked wines, an online farmer’s market for wine, is home to a unique wine auction service which offers consumers access to wines from small winemakers who want to spend their lives making great wine, rather than selling it. For more information and to snap up a bargain, visit

James Mitchell is author of this article on Wine Auction.

Find more information about Nakedwines here.

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Join The Wine Auction Revolution
Join The Wine Auction Revolution
Join The Wine Auction Revolution
Join The Wine Auction Revolution
Join The Wine Auction Revolution

Join The Wine Auction Revolution

Join The Wine Auction Revolution