How to Make Red Wine at Home

How to Make Red Wine at Home

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How To Make Red Wine At Home
How To Make Red Wine At Home
How To Make Red Wine At Home
How To Make Red Wine At Home
How To Make Red Wine At Home

How To Make Red Wine At Home

25 thoughts on “How to Make Red Wine at Home

  1. okay airtight would be impossible yeast lets off carbon dioxide as well as
    alcohol. so its leaking. i suggest to use an airlock if your afraid of
    contamination theyre like 5 or 10 bucks. if your to cheap, lazy, money
    saver, under-aged , far from town, or whatever it may be

    use a ballon or condom on top of the container with a needle hole poked
    through. ive left mine with jus the lid slightly unscrewed and never had a
    problem with mold.?

  2. Darling… did you make grape juice or red wine?
    1kg 500 g sugar add with 1kg grape….
    Anyway, tks for your clip, darling?

  3. You made almost everything wrong. What is the point of losing your time to
    make a video when you have no idea how it’s done? This video is misleading
    others who want to make real wine?

  4. why would you add yeast to the wine, if there’s already natural yeast on
    the grapes??

  5. very simple trial ! to make good wine this video is not enough . but video
    presentation is excellent ! you show this task on very simple and friendly
    way & description part of this video is professional . …. ?

  6. SUGAR TO MAKE WINE???? WFT??? ARE YOU MAD?? That’s not wine, dear…it’s
    alcoolic grape juice…?

  7. Please come to super store…
    Choose grape juice with over 50% grape juice without sugar
    Buy 2 bottle 3 litre =6 litre.
    Buy 1 bag 50g yeast mix with 100ml water.
    Mix grape juice without sugar with yeast.
    That is method of red wine darling.
    We can saving the sugar and also diabetes.
    Leave all in frozen 6 celius degree for 6 week.
    We will got grape juice and yeast.
    Come back to super store… go to bottle shop… Buy 6 red wine…
    Come back home… Take out all the grape juice and yeast in 6 litre bottle
    to rest room.
    Clean up the bottle, use hair dryer to make it dry.
    Open 6 red wine bottle, and fill it to bottle.
    We will got red wine home make.
    Just 6 week…. ?

  8. Thx for that great tips although i think i ‘ll just pick red wine from the
    next store?

  9. The song made this video more likeable and amazing than any other. :)?

  10. Home brewing is a great hobby and very satisfying when you get it right
    thats why good advice from this video is great well done How to Make Red
    Wine at Home

    Home Brewing Tips?

  11. the yeast is it the same that is used in backing bread and cookie or it’s
    some thing else .

  12. In addition to this good video, you can find exceptional resources to make
    wine at –

  13. It might be a little sweet, that is entirely dependent on how much of the
    of sugar is consumed by the yeast during the fermentation process.

  14. 1.) If you’re using whole fruit you’ll want to add pectic enzymes so the
    fruit’s cells will break down for fermentation. 2.) You haven’t sterilized
    anything, you opened the doors wide open for infection. Use Starsan brand
    for cleaning. 3.) Every time you stir the batch you add oxygen which will
    stop fermentation and causes the yeast cells to resume “budding”
    (reproducing). 4.) Carbondioxide from fermenting will need to escape,
    opening the jar welcomes airborne bacteria, get an S tube on that.

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