25 thoughts on “How To Make Pineapple Wine

  1. How long can this be left in a cellar? Does it get better with age? Do any
    of the homemade wines get better with age?
    Thanks for the vid, I love the last shot with all the grapefruit bottles
    looking so clean and ready to pour.?

  2. Hey, can anyone tell me the name of the first piece of music? For some
    reason I associate it with football/the world cup??

  3. Personally i wouldn’t drink it at that stage – i would suggest racking
    every say couple of months for about 6-8 months (adding a campden each
    time) and then leave it for another 6 months before stabilising and
    sweetening ever so slightly. Mine tasted great after a year, but patience
    is hard.?

  4. music first piece of music is from a BBC TV programme “A Round with Alliss”
    – a golf programme in which Ronnie Corbett used to feature quite a lot.
    Had to rack my brains back to childhood for that one.?

  5. VERY IMPORTANT PART: Make sure your pineapples are ripe before you peel
    them. Otherwise you’ll end up with bitter juice and not that much of it
    too. Also, remove the core – it won’t produce nearly any juice and could
    potentially give off an undesired taste. Additionally, if you’re trying to
    make an extra fancy, super amazing pineapple wine, use only the bottom half
    of the pineapples because the natural sugars settle in the bottom half due
    to the way it is stored and grown. Otherwise, before you peel, flip your
    pineapples upside down and leave them overnight to redistribute the sugars
    and make for a more even sweetness throughout the entire pineapple.?

  6. I would have botched this whole slideshow of sorts. There’s just too much
    for me to comment on that would make me not drink this or any wine I’ve
    read in most of the comments.?

  7. Elegantly done. Great choice of music. I may try this – usually I only
    ferment budget store bought juices as it takes the hassle & mess out of the
    loop & makes better economic sense but I reckon with bananas & pineapples
    juicing may be the way to go.?

  8. I love home made products especially if I enjoy doing it.Quick question ,
    where can I buy a carboy container?thanks?

  9. Could you give me a list of all the items needed to make this and where to
    obtain them? :] please.?

  10. Hey Floydsta, shut up. That’s classic seventies music. Not everything has
    to be ghetto rap garbage.

    What’s the name of the song at 3:15? I heard the tropical version and I
    told my wife that there was a classic version from the Seventies. I’m glad
    you posted it, so I know I’m not crazy. So, what the name of the song? Just
    noticed Essential music hits 3 link. Will check it out. Thanks.?

  11. With a natural gravity of 1.050 from just the pineapple juice ……
    There’s no way you used 16 pounds of sugar and only came out with 1.150 How
    much sugar did you really end up using?

  12. how long did you bulk age ? still looks cloudy to me! what was the alc. % ?
    you stayed close to the semi sweet range didn’t you ,at 1.020!

  13. thanku dr ………………………..i found to watching and loved it u
    even tell us how to preserve the balance part of pineapple

  14. Yes, you could use a muslin bag and it would impart a little more flavour
    but the primary fermentation will need to be done using a food grade
    plastic bucket and not in the glass carboy. The juicing process is rather
    messy but the result is that you get the real juice and lots of natural
    flavour from the pineapple already. Also for me, the pineapple bread/ cakes
    made from the pulp are too hard to resist. Thank you for your question/
    comment – have fun making the wine and let us know how you go

  15. Hi ‘Guitarman’, thank you for your comment and please accept my apology for
    the late reply

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