25 thoughts on “How Champagne is Made

  1. with all my respect to french people and their country, basically many of
    French products are extremely expensive while logically they are neither
    beneficial nor extraordinary! ?

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  3. To me, it is interesting to learn how the product is manufactured, but poor
    thing is that I don’t drink this kind of products.?

  4. Champagne is nothing more then a blend mix from different sort off grapes
    and a bit off sugar that reacts to alcohol and the so called bubbles what
    the people like. Nice way so sell shit wine, blend it and let it react with
    sugar. Its nothing special, its the way they were advertising it, like Coca
    Cola and Heineken…?

  5. Such delusional responses, This is just how piper heidsieck go about there
    business. What they haven’t told you in this short film is that other
    Champagne houses have machines that do the turn process etc,
    No adding co2 would not be the same and it would more or less make your
    wine taste bland and boring. The process’s are there for a reason, just
    enjoy it. ?

  6. @MrAluminox Welcome to the vocal minority. Please pick up your
    self-righteous agenda and optional hipster glasses in the booths to your
    left. Thank you and have a nice day?

  7. The only thing I find dull about champagne is the pretentious branding by
    French law.
    Here, in the United States, champagne is just a menu name for sparkling
    I enjoy a good bottle of $12 dry champagne. Its a great ice breaker, the
    cork pops and you drink the bottle with friends and colleagues.
    Always keep a bottle in the fridge. Replace at the minimum every 3 months.

  8. this is really interesting before watching this i thought they add CO2 to
    the white whine like to sparkling drinks xD

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  10. thx man for uploading these vids. They entertain me when i am bored. nice
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