Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe

Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe

Homemade white wine DIY recipe This is a really simple and easy way to make wine at home. Easy homemade white wine for per gallon! Its cheaper then gas an…
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Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe
Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe
Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe
Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe

Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe

29 thoughts on “Homemade White Wine DIY Recipe

  1. If you don’t use an air lock does it like become deadly? Or does go sour?

  2. @SECRETBOL lol man, im anything but exact, when you season to your taste it
    should be your own recipe ;o) More sugar = more acl. All the best, -Pete

  3. @flaviusicafsz Hoping your question will be answered too.. I am also
    wondering if you can use “wild yeast”? I use wild yeast to get my bread to
    rise, and I have been thinking that it may be possible to use it for making

  4. @semco72057 LMAO haha if yah wanna no whats up this dudes ass just look at
    his page! Tells A LOT. Btw you probably really dont wanna no whats up
    there, just sayin.

  5. @krupter Food grade buckets are made of a slightly harder plastic which is
    harder to scratch if you scrub it with any type of abrasive. The
    microscopic fissures that occur as a result of scrubbing don’t get clean
    and eventually end up growing bacteria. You can use standard 5 gallon
    buckets, just don’t use anything abrasive when cleaning them. Contact with
    a strong, room temp. bleach water mixture I’ve found is best.

  6. Pete, couple suggestions….. I’ve never made wine but have brewed a ton of
    beer. You might want to put a gasket in the hole in the bucket lid and fill
    the airlock with vodka instead of water. The air lock is a potential
    opening for wild yeast and bacteria and can make whatever you’re fermenting
    taste like battery acid.

  7. @krupter Well I know a lot of people that use them for brewing with no
    issue. They are HDPE which means they are made out of the same stuff that
    milk bottles are of.. All the best, -Pete

  8. All Your EXACT ingredient measurements were annoying ! Just kidding…
    Great Info.. I’m thinking “Why the heck am I buying wine?” when I can do
    this ! for less $

  9. I wouldn’t drink that on a bet. Never use bleach to clean a pail, if there
    are any scratches in the pail it will hold bleach and bacteria. Two, NEVER
    use a non food grade pail. You never used any potassium metabisulfite to
    sanitize. Did you sanitize your spoon before you put it in the must, ugh!?
    You are using a non food grade pail that will leech toxins. You are pouring
    in cherry juice that has been open for who knows how long and probably has
    bacteria. Don’t make this!!

  10. Its an alcohol. So you will poisoning yourself anyway 😀 Having Food grade
    bucket its like eating apple after cigarette.

  11. That looks like it will be Hutch which is a homemade drink which is popular
    in prisons. I have found and destroyed plenty of it, and that wine should
    leave a strong odor in your garage area and house when it is through
    brewing. The neighbors may even smell it too while wondering what it is.

  12. @linuxaddict11111 Thanks for the tip.. I might have to look into that. All
    the best, -Pete

  13. The recipe that I use is for every gallon of wine: 2 cans of frozen 100%
    grape juice, 2 cups of sugar, enough water to bring it up to the amount
    that I’m making (usually 3 gallons) and 1 packet of bread yeast (not the
    rapid rise kind). I ferment for about 8 days, then rack (transfer) to a
    carboy and then let it ferment for 2 weeks or until done. To help clear the
    wine and get rid of any yeast taste, I use a packet of knotts gelitin in a
    half cup of hot water. Then bottle when clear. Cheers!

  14. @chazdad Well you can drink it right away 7 days.. But its better to age it
    a couple months. It really makes nice tasting wine. All the best, -Pete

  15. Your using a NON FOOD GRADE BUCKET you dunce. Have fun poisoning yourself
    slowy over time

  16. Very good tip, I may try doing that. How to get the yeast? on ebay too? Thx!

  17. @burlacchini Yes, I got all my goods on ebay using the bigcrumb discounts.

  18. @HubSwitch I have had a couple friend use wild yeast and it worked great.
    The yeast on the top of the apples worked perfect. -Pete

  19. Thanks that was a very good summary. I’m taking this wine course right now,
    so it was good to see a summary for white wine making.

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