Etch or Paint Your Own Wine Glass

Etch or Paint Your Own Wine Glass

Demo of a custom monogrammed wine glass shows the steps and supplies to make stencils and etch (or paint!) glass. Try on mirrors, or for increased privacy fo…

personalized wine glasses

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Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass
Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass
Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass
Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass
Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass

Etch Or Paint Your Own Wine Glass

41 thoughts on “Etch or Paint Your Own Wine Glass

  1. I would love for you to make sure for this event I am having on August
    16th. Would you be interested??

  2. Best video How-To EVER! Love how you don’t yammer on and on and on, show
    it, got it, on to the next, got it, thanks!?

  3. Hey great video. I use a similar product for wood carving, a way around
    the ink jet smear is to use a laser printer. But if you don’t have one you
    can still use the ink jet by adding one simple step. See the difference
    between the laser and the ink jet is heat. So carefully remove the film
    from the ink jet printer and dry the film with a hair dryer. It works
    great on the film i use ?

  4. I tried this technique and it worked perfectly until it was time to apply
    the design to the mug cup. I used contact paper I purchased at Michael’s. I
    could not get anything to stick to my items. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Hi Crystal! I absolutely love these! I am getting married in august and was
    wondering if you ever sell these? I would love to buy some from you and
    give them to my bridesmaids as apart of their bridesmaid gifts. I tried
    finding you on fb to spend you a personal message but couldn’t find ya?

    Thank you! :)?

  6. How do the glittered stems hold up thru hand washing? I went to purchase
    triple thick at my local hobby lobby so I could make some glasses and a
    lady told me that the triple thick was not waterproof and would not hold up
    thru washing???

  7. Hi Crystal, thank you for the lovely videos, can you please tell me do you
    have to bake these glasses after or put a varnish on top so the letters
    dont come off, thank you for your time karen xx?

  8. i want to do this for my 21st birthday party so my guests can have a glass
    with my initial and my name on it!! i love it but i find it hard….. ?

  9. Hey! Your glasses are great and i absolutely love them. I don’t really know
    where i can get these vinyl silhouettes. So can you tell them where you buy
    them from. Can i buy them online? ?

  10. Hi Crystal. I’m new to the glass glittering and would love to try
    personalising them and love how you do it. Any chance you can do a video
    on how you begin the whole personalising thing – how you do the font, how
    you then get the writing/name onto the black card and then how you cut it
    out. Sorry for asking but your work is amazing and would love to know more
    how you start the process. Thanks x?

  11. Is the vinyl durable? Can you wash it in the dishwasher? Won’t it peel of?

  12. Your glasses are adorable! Have you thought about trying dental picks for
    weeding? They work SO much easier than an X-acto knife. They are super
    sharp and really grab on, and you don’t have to make slits first 🙂 You
    can get a 4 pack on Amazon for less than $5.?

  13. I’m so glad to have found your video, Crystal. You make it look so easy.
    I bought my Silhouette weeks ago to make things (banners, tags, etc. on
    card stock) for a bridal shower but haven’t tried vinyl yet. This will be
    my next project and I’m so excited. I really find it sweet that you answer
    everyone’s question and sometimes the SAME question about font size and
    style over and over again. That is a nice thing to do as I know all of it
    is SO time-consuming. I read through all the comments to get the gist of
    how to make it work… thanks for that and the visual tutorial!?

  14. lol I know were you are from lol yinz guys 😉 gonna make some of these 🙂
    you made it look so easy?

  15. Thanks for this tutorial. I’m gonna attempt these as gifts for my

  16. These are beautiful!!! So with the outdoor vinyl, they or okay to hand wash
    several times??

  17. just a tip I have been doing vinyl graphics for years on cars and rounded
    areas suck u can also wet apply I use a thin layer of Windex that way u
    will be able to move ur letters around on the surface with out them
    sticking get it in the place u like and let it dry also do not use contact
    paper its to sticky transfer paper is the way to go enjoyed ur video

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