7 thoughts on “Bottling Your Wine

  1. There’s no need to sanitize your corks. Natural corks are essentially a
    piece of wood so they’re too porous to effectively sanitize. Secondly,
    soaking causes the cork to absorb the sanitizing solution- when your corker
    compresses the cork into the bottle, you instantly squeeze sanitizer/corky
    water into your wine- which is not good.

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  3. 4:38 Have to admit I half expected them to spit the wine out in disgust for
    comic effect!! Thanks for the helpful video 🙂

  4. Nomacorcs do not need to be sanitized either- they’re actually way cleaner
    than natural corks are. If you are concerned that you have not stored them
    properly you can rinse Nomacorcs with sulphite before using them- but make
    sure you dry them off completely before inserting them. Again if you store
    your corks in a sealed bag or container your concerns are minimal.

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